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If Your Porsche Gets Tagged, It’s Time To Reevaluate Your Situation

November 5, 2009

Yes, that picture is photoshopped.  It’s the best I could do since California cell phone laws won’t allow me to operate my camera phone while driving 40 mph in a residential neighborhood when the car I’m targeting is veering into the left turn lane. But that’s pretty much what I saw. My thing is this, […]

Stop Texting and Watch Your Children

October 9, 2009

Oh my God.  You know when your driving down the highway and texting and then your car veers to one side until you roll over those turtles or divots like, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba? Oh you don’t?  Well good for you then. Anyway, today I saw a woman do that while she was pushing a child’s stroller.  Seriously.  […]