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Busted! Newsweek Caught Nailin’ Palin

November 18, 2009

“Gotcha!” Seriously, Newsweek is dead wrong for putting that Runners World photo on their cover with that snarky ass caption.  And if they had any real balls they’d have just came out and said what they were not-so-subtly implying: “Sarah Palin can’t run our country, she’s a babe!” First of all, democrats and black folks […]

Fact or Fiction: The KKK Has A Headquarters

November 17, 2009

My dad sent me this article, about a black woman who was arrested for being black at a Wal Mart in Missouri (surprise, surprise), but the seriousness of the article is, of course, lost on me.  Out of all the thought provoking and rage inducing details of this woman’s ordeal, the info that jumps out […]