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Top 10 Badass Military Movie Characters

In honor of the men and women of all military branches who proudly represent us overseas and at home, here is a list of the top 10 characters from the best war movies, who portray soldiers the way us clueless civilians see you: as bone-a-fide, ass-kickin’, superhuman, untouchable action heroes!


1) Col. John Matrix (Commando)

Branch: retired Special Operations Operator

Remember when we trusted our men and women in the armed services with the moral authority to protect those that deserved sanctuary and eliminate those who threatened it, no questions asked?  That was Matrix.

Moment in Badassness: Refusing to be a pawn, he snapped his captors neck and left him on the plane like he was sleeping!


1) Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Top Gun)

Branch: Naval Aviator

Everybodies got an ego and Maverick’s could float the balloon boy across the world.  Swagger is one of the key elements that makes any good soldiers and overcoming it is what makes any good hero.

Moment in Badassness: When Maverick buzzes the tower.  Doesn’t everyone want to do that?  It’s like dunking.


1) Lt. Jordan O’Neil (G.I. Jane)

Branch: U.S. Navy SEAL

If you are going to step up like a man, you should expect to be beaten down like a man.  Well, O’Neil was.  And she got right back up again.

Moment in Badassness: Kicking the ass of her superiors with her hands tied behind her back (and her belt buckle cut.  I can’t even run like that, let alone fight).


1) Lt. Col. James Rhodes AKA War Machine (Iron Man)

Branch: US Air Force

Wouldn’t it be nice if our government and our tax paying citizens (that’s right, us) thought that each soldier’s life was worth a million dollars?  I guess it’s a good thing that Rhodey pals around with billionaire industrialists.

Moment in Badassness: Keeping that suit gangsta in metallic gray.  Who told Starks gold and fire-engine-red was cool for a superhero?


1) Hannibal Lee (The Tuskegee Airmen)

Branch: United States Army Air Force

Whatever women went through and homosexuals currently go through, black men did it first.  And when Hannibal was thrown into a can’t-win situation, with a bunch of misguided delinquents, he turned everything around.  And this was a real life story.  That still happens everyday in the military.

Moment in Badassness: Flying with the First Lady in his cockpit.


1) Capt. Conrad “Duke” Hauser (G.I. Joe)

Branch: United States Army

Talk about the best of the best, geez.  This is probably the only movie where the gadgets are as dope as the soldiers themselves.  Duke saved the day, got the girl and even saved Paris, despite what they may say about us.  That’s a soldier.

Moment in Badassness: Taking down Snake Eyes.  He took down a f—in’ ninja!  Who does that?


1) Marisa Benez (Trauma)

Branch: Iraq War Vet / Rescue Helicopter Pilot

I know, she’s not in the military on the show, but that doesn’t mean her soldier spirit retired with her.  Don’t cross her, as her partner Rabbit quickly found out when he almost killed her mimicking Bullit.

Moment in Badassness: It has to be when she popped a guys eyes back into there sockets after a car wreck.

under siege (5)

1) Casey Ryback (Under Seige)

Branch: Navy SEAL

Ryback is the Die Hard of military men, the monkey wrench in the plans of domestic terrorist.  By land or by sea (by air, Under Siege III: Over Siege?) he’s the guy you want riding with you.

Moment in Badassness: He killed bad guys with a microwave time bomb.  How cool is that?  [Do not try at home]


1) John Rambo (Rambo)

Branch: Special Forces (Green Berets)

He’s f—in’ Rambo.  Here we are 27 years after the first movie and still, if you act like you can go 1 against 2 (or more) people call you Rambo.

Moment in Badassness: He went up against tanks and helicopters with exploding arrows.


1) Captain Steven Hiler

Branch: Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornets Pilot

This dude took on aliens okay.  He took on intergalactic terrorist and won.  And just like US Soldiers, he didn’t do it with home field advantage, he took the fight to their house and blow it to holy hell!

Moment in Badassness: After outmaneuvering and outwitting those alien scum-suckers, he went mano-y-mano and knock it’s green teeth loose with one punch.

Now if you’re wondering why they are all ranked number one, well there are two reasons:

1) Every man and woman in uniform is equally valued whether you work logistics or the ground, whether you sign up in times of war or times of peace and whether you fly sick people to hospitals or destroy alien races.

And 2) because I dare you to go up to any member of the armed forces and tell them they are #2.

Happy Veterans Day to all the real, most badass heroes in the armed forces and all those who love them!

Everyone else can go to…whatever country has the audacity to hate us even though we have the coolest President ever.

15 Responses to “Top 10 Badass Military Movie Characters”

  1. Great entry! And I was waiting for Will Smith! For the few months after seeing Independence day I wanted to join the Air Force.

    And I’m pretty sure if you STARTED to tell half the people on this list they were #2, they would kill you before you could finish the sentence.

    • oh GOD come on. why so damn liberal with the movies. How about you get the REAL good War movies instead of picking out those that have blacks and women as main characters. That doesn’t disqualify the movie if their is a black or woman in it at all. However, I can tell you’ve chosen these because of that exact thing, because of “minorities.” How can I tell… well I’ve seen way better movies than these about war and they aren’t on here so obviously you are choosing because of the Diversity you want with the films instead of their badassness so WTF ever people. GOD DAMN I’m tired of you liberal bullshit. wait wait I mean your ANTI-WHITE-MALE-ANGLO-SAXON-CHRISTIAN bullshit in. Its a fucking disease!!! your a Disease!!!

  2. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a actual war where maybe only 25% of the population gets Killed permanently. Since we now that the biggest murders of the Human race is Health “care”. Any how I Rocky A. Huryta, have not personnely Slautered/murdered/killed/maimed,wounded,disfigured the dead and or alive. Since 1969. Why was I able to do this cuz I did not fall for the “get out of jail card” of cuz its our (military/militia/inteligence community) propaganda. Kind of propaganda? perjury. Also I did not fall for the propaganda. Kind of propaganda? perjury. that a jury and or the CRJ realm could sentenceone to death. Cause Also I am not a civil radical. Cause I Rocky A. Huryta am CITIZEN Ceo Kaine. And Just A c-op. AKA Berret-ta. of the Forms are us committe of Northern Va.. AKA Author of the S.O.W. Realm. Not the script writter. Just a side note about how one can make history every friken day and still be untouched. Evely in a Sonnet. This single peace of poetry was written by AKA Rybeck. Just a toon Just Kidding regarding the toon. Any how there has been NO War’s/Battles/police actions of any Kind since in re back to year 39. So the corporate realm personnel are also defunct. And so are the staunch private lifers. Since they by food,drinks.automobiles,drugs,clothing,houses,appliances,utensils,personnel hygenie supplies,books,computers,paper,pens/pencils. Which is not near as bad as the ones that try to live off the land called thieves (evely of there own norms). Anyhow next time you dumb idiots why don’t you try to call law enforcement on me like the retards of the security ccouncil always does so does the military/militia. Cause they think there me. When that does not work that way evely in a general application of any English word. Anyhow this is just another letter regarding the terrorists Kalled the Nano computer. Who by the way has never committed any viloence nor terrorism against any amobeia/people/humans , ever. So therefore in the future all the “defense” “ministry” personnel has to do is kill all the george Pinatas. Since evely plain language letter of the law of 10/18-164(c). From Rybeck/Serpico/Steve McQueen.

  3. That right there is almost correct, it should be:
    1. John Matrix
    2. John Rambo
    3. Conrad “Duke” Hauser
    4. Pete “Maverick” Mitchel
    5. Steven Hiler
    6. Jordan O’Niel
    7. Casey Ryback
    8. James Rhodes
    9. Hannibal Lee
    10. Marisa Benez

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