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Worth the Rent

There are no small screens.  Only small budgets.

There are no small screens. Only small budgets.

Obviously I am not talking about Los Angeles apartments here.  No I’m talking about movies.  Probably movies that you (and I) avoided paying $50 for (add up your ticket, her ticket, treats and parking) because they were probably just gonna be lame anyway.  Or probably movies you were dying to see, but just couldn’t fit it into your busy schedule, what with work, your over-exhausted wife and attention starved children.

But I tell you what, at $5 a pop (that is, if you are still living by the archaic system of purchasing movies at the video store.  And if you are you need to sign up for Blockbuster Total Access.  It’s what I have and I get movies by mail at the same rate and speed of Netflix, only I can actually watch a movie on Sunday if I want.  Total freedom.  And this has turned into the longest parenthesis ever.  Do you even remember what I was talking about.  I don’t.  Let me go back.  Okay.  Now I got it) and the ability to watch it at home sitting next to your family, these movies become a major bargain.

And the best part is this.  I can write whatever spoilers I want!  Because if you ain’t see the movie by now, that’s not my problem.  And let’s be honest, how many of you even notice the extremely brief time period it takes a movie to go from major release date to the video shelf?  It’s almost as if the movie just came out the day before I write these!  It’s like magic.  So climb aboard my carpet and let me take you for a ride.  Not like that sicko.

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