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Beaze’s 50 Favorite Movies of All Times

November 9, 2009

And I could’ve done 100.  Man, I wanted to do 100.  I left a lot of good movies off this list.  But 50 is going to have to do.  The only rule is that franchises are lumped together.  No need to differentiate between originals and sequels and trilogies.  This is a team sport. 50) LION […]

Steven Seagal + Cops = Awesomest Reality Show Ever!

November 2, 2009

I could sit up here all day and list Steven Seagal movies I loved growing up.  None of which seemed to have more than 3 words in the title.  But his television debut – a reality show no less – is going to be magic! Whoever thought of Lawman should win the Emmy, Oscar and […]

B to Z Guide to Becoming Your Own Action Hero update 10.7.09

October 7, 2009

So I finally completed my first step in becoming my own action hero! Work Out – Meet Standard Police Fitness Requirements Old Standings 300 meter run: 62 seconds Push-ups (1 min time limit): 35 Sit-ups (1 minute time limit): 38 1.5 mile run: 15:07 So since doing the last test about a month ago, I […]