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Why I Love Movies

February 4, 2011

I love it when a movie makes me feel better about my own life.  A movie should bring hope for a better tomorrow to it’s audience.  Even if we disagree with the way the hero achieve it, we should still  at least be thinking about a different or more realistic way of reaching a better […]

Beaze’s 50 Favorite Movies of All Times

November 9, 2009

And I could’ve done 100.  Man, I wanted to do 100.  I left a lot of good movies off this list.  But 50 is going to have to do.  The only rule is that franchises are lumped together.  No need to differentiate between originals and sequels and trilogies.  This is a team sport. 50) LION […]

10 Stupid Things Men Just Can’t Live Without

October 6, 2009

10. Bigotry – I don’t know what it is about us, but we love to harass each other.  It’s funny.  Quite being so soft.  It doesn’t mean we’re bigots or racist or whatever, it just means we think slurs are funny.  And we’re a little mean. P.S. – Stop putting that s— on facebook and […]