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Nicole Kidman is a Good Family Woman

November 5, 2009

Sometimes celebrities talk too much, but not Nicole.  I read today that she actually understands what privacy is, and not just when it protects her own secrets.  In an interview with the London Daily Mail, she opts not to talk about the reason behind her divorce to Tom Cruise.  What a classy move. “I burnt […]

10 TV Shows Fit For a Family Man

September 30, 2009

Look, everyday can’t be Sunday okay (though that shouldn’t stop you from praying about it).  If you want to veg out during the week, then you gotta watch something other than football.  These are a couple of shows to help you Family Men pass the time. 10. Sportscenter – Okay, so maybe everyday can be […]

Modern Family Is Not My Family

September 30, 2009

Maybe this does represent today’s family, but that’s nothing to be proud of. What the hell is wrong with networks television?  I watched the Modern Family pilot for two reasons 1) a co-worker highly – I mean highly – recommended it and 2) Ed O’Neil is on it.  For those of you who don’t know […]