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How Do You Like Your Action Movie: Great Acting or Great Action?

October 15, 2009

Would you rather have a great actor fake fighting in a movie or a great fighter fake acting in a movie? I thought about this because I saw the preview for Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington.  I love Denzel.  But not enough to buy him as an action star.  Not a Jackie-Chan-action-star anyway.  I […]

B to Z Guide to Becoming Your Own Action Hero update 10.7.09

October 7, 2009

So I finally completed my first step in becoming my own action hero! Work Out – Meet Standard Police Fitness Requirements Old Standings 300 meter run: 62 seconds Push-ups (1 min time limit): 35 Sit-ups (1 minute time limit): 38 1.5 mile run: 15:07 So since doing the last test about a month ago, I […]