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March Badness 2009: Championship

Welcome to the March BADness Championship round!

In 2009 we took the 64 baddest movie characters on the planet, ranked them by notoriety (from Icons to cult heroes), and pitted them against each other in the ultimate tournament to see who is the biggest baddass in the history of cinema! Let’s get ready to rumble!

Round 1

Round 2

Sweet 16

Elite 8

Final Four

In perhaps the biggest upset in history, Batman was defeated by John McClane! But ya know, being a badass is about knocking the big dogs off the porch so that’s what happened. Here we are though, in the final matchup, winner take all.

Click to view enlarged championship bracket:





John McClane vs. John Rambo

Battle: So this is pretty much grit against grit, which makes it extremely difficult to call, so let’s just look at the tale of the tape. To start off I will say this, neither man ever ran away from a fight, but Rambo often times went looking for one…be himself. McClane was a guy who often times “found” himself in the middle of a fight, and that’s not very badass like. On the other hand Rambo had a couple of breakdowns and gave up violence all together, but in Live Free or Die Hard John McClane also gave up life on the streets. Both were eventually drawn back into that life however, Rambo made the choice…McClane again was dragged. I think this choice is obvious at this point. Rambo is the biggest badass in movie history.

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The Baddest Man on the Planet:



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