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March Badness 2009: Elite 8

Welcome to the Elite 8 of March BADness

In 2009 we took the 64 baddest movie characters on the planet, ranked them by notoriety (from Icons to cult heroes), and pitted them against each other in the ultimate tournament to see who is the biggest baddass in the history of cinema! Let’s get ready to rumble!

Round 1

Round 2

Sweet 16

We are down to the top ten, and this group is so badass they kick two of the pansies out already so its just eight. Are these guys the top 8? Maybe, maybe not, but no one else was bad enough to take their spots so I’d say yea.

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(1) Batman vs. (2) Lara Croft

Battle: It’s gadgets vs. gadgets, mansion vs. mansion, obsession vs. obsession. Batman has taken on some of the worlds most dangerous criminals but Lara has taken on some of the worlds most dangerous elements. Since Batman is one of comic’s most beloved vigilantes and Lara is the hottest video game vixen ever created, I can’t go on anything here but my gut. Brawn over beauty…Batman wins.




(4) Shaft vs. (11) Casey Ryback

Battle: Look, Casey Ryback is a one man wrecking crew but we’re talking about Shaft here. Shaft made it cool to be a badass. Ryback has finally reached his breaking point here. Shaft wins.




(2) Rambo vs. (9) Riddick

Battle: Finally Rambo faces a man! No offense ladies, but geez. This is one matchup I’d actually like to see in a fist fight. But you know what, Rambo is just too much of a legendary badass to loss this one. Rambo wins.




(1) James Bond vs. (2) John McClane

Battle: Finally James Bond meets someone who is just as good at their job as he is John McClane. And finally McClane meets someone who is just as trained as he is. Everyone already knows the tale of the tape, so let me just say this, nobody and I mean nobody is better at a spur of the moment crisis then John McClane. James Bond pretty much only deal with assignments and relies so much on his gadgets that he wouldn’t really stand a chance. And besides, can you really trust a badass in a tux? What badass you know where’s a tux? McClane wears dirt, that’s a staple of a badass. Yippe Kay Yay mutha f—a!

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