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Teed Off Thursday: School Zones, Pro Bowl & Tim Tebow

3-2-1…1-2-3…what the heck…is bothering me?  At least this week.

1) People need to slow down in school zones.

Since when did getting to work on time justify running over a child?  I’m sure it doesn’t, but that appears to be the feeling of dozens of motorist every morning the way i see them speed through stop signs and blow past the flashers of parents unloading their children in front of an elementry school.  What’s really disturbing about this is the fact that most of these parents just finished dropping off their own children, and you know they’d be pissed off if someone flattened their kid.  But you know what they say, “anyone driving slower than me is an idiot, anyone faster than me is a maniac.”

Here’s a tip: if you are in that much of a hurry…LEAVE EARLIER!  And what the hell are you so angry about first thing in the damn morning?  F***in’ relax.  I’m sure if you actually did the math on how much time you lose by allowing the little pedestrians to safely cross the street it’d equal about 30 second max.  So don’t blame the crossing guards for your lateness, the problem is you a**hole!

2) The Pro Bowl sucks.

I’m glad they moved the Pro Bowl into being the warm up act for the Super Bowl — when people actually still care about football — but there’s still one little problem.  The game sucks.  I don’t want to hear comparisons to the NBA All-Star game, which doesn’t play defense either.  The difference is in the NBA if you don’t play D’ we get to watch someone get dunked on.  The NFL without Defense turns in a game on pitch & catch during a track meet.

I would much rather see QB’s against QB’s in an accuracy challenge, WR vs. CB in a mano-y-mano showdown, lineman in a tire pushing competition…you know…like a dunk contest for football.  All healthy Pro Bowl selections, not in the Super Bowl must participate.  Let ’em talk trash too.  Hey it’s not a game, but at least it’d be competitive.  At least pride would be at stake (and you know, it might encourage “running QB” to practice quarterbacking since their shame would be on full display).  Because getting the best gridiron players on the planet together to play two hand touch is like getting gladiators together for a tickle fight.

3) People — specifically the National coalition of Women’s group — need to get over themselves.

Let me get this straight, Tim Tebow and his mother want to run an ad during the Super Bowl that talks about how she was advised to abort her 5th child who turned out to be the greatest college football player ever Tim Tebow (sarcastic) and this women’s group calls that anti-abortion?  First of all, isn’t everyone anti-abortion?  Is there anyone out there screaming “go abortion, go!”  No.  The term is pro-life, just like the flip side is pro choice and not anti-life.

Which brings me to my next point, isn’t this ad pro-choice too?  As far as I can tell (without having seen the ad) it does not suggest, hint at or beg for abortion to be outlawed (which would I guess make it “anti-abortion”) all it does is present a case for what could happen if you “choose life,” which in my opinion every mother should and probably does think about before going to a clinic.  See, the thing about being pro-choice is…well…you have to have choices.  And that means you need facts to make informed choices.  And that means you have to hear from both sides.

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