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A Flat Copy of an Original? Yup, That’s AVATAR!

Is it just me or have we seen this movie before?

And before that?

I could go on, but you get the point.  James Cameron’s Avatar seems like just another we-are-bad but a-few-of-us-are-still-good-and-will-save-you-because-you-can’t/won’t-save-yourselves,  war-bashing, anti-military, misguided-Americans, overly-preachy wannabe blockbuster and who isn’t tired of that?

The only new thing about Avatar is that now, instead of white people destroying cultures for no good reason other than greed, ego and stupidity, the entire human race has gotten in on the action.  So my question is…who do you root for in this movie?

Do you root for your own and side with the humans?  Or do you root for the aliens, who you have no connection with or point of reference to adapt feelings for.  I mean they do have a right to life, but not greater then your own, right?

I said it before Bruno came out and I thought it while watching a similar sci-fi movie in Battle for Tera.  No one wants to watch a movie where they are painted as the bad guy.  It’s not fun to be lectured or vilified when you just want to be entertained.  And I’m pretty sure the 2007 box office proved that absolutely no one wants to watch a movie where our beloved soldiers are demonized.

I still think Avatar will burst out of the gate because of clever and enticing TV trailers that hide it’s underlying anti-military message and rev up the IMAX and 3D factor, but I don’t see it as the smash hit FOX was hoping for.  Especially not with that Lord of the Rings runtime.

Exactly what in this A.D.H.D. plagued world makes filmmakers think anyone under the age of 30 wants to sit in a movie theater for half a school day?

The highest grossing opening weekend in December is I am Legend ($77 million) and I just don’t see James Cameron having the juice to dethrone Will Smith.  This movie will go big internationally (especially in countries that don’t hold America in the highest regard), but domestically, expect a disappointment.  that is compared to it’s over $200 million dollar budget.

Final Domestic Prediction:

Openning: >$55 million

Domestic total run: >$200 million

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