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Sign #1 You Are Too Into Your Job

When it gets to the point that you are emailing fake bomb threats to an airport, just so your boss won’t miss his flight and get mad at you, you are too damn into your job.

Or you are just a spineless p*ssy who would rather risk dropping the soap in the big house than face your pissed off employer.

If you are willing to go to jail for your job (and you’re not even a drug dealer), you have issues.

If your job causes you to lose connection with the terrorist obsessed reality we live in, you need to quit your job.

If your job makes you think your boss is some kind of golden child that an airport can and should stop all activity for, then you need to be slapped back to earth.

Who the f— in post 9/11 America would be dumb enough to play around with bomb threats?  At an airport!

I went to a Laker game at the Staples Center with a friend who beeped going through the metal detector and for a split second I thought about screaming “check his ankle!  Check his ankle!” just to be funny, but the part of me that refuses to be a– raped in prison didn’t see the humor in that, so I said nothing.

Is this assistant crazy?  Did she really think she could explain this to airport security and they’d say, “haha, good one.”

Kids are getting arrested and expelled from school just for throwing temper tantrums and blurting out, “I’m going to kill you!” did she really think she’d skate on this one?

More importantly, what kind of scary Ogre of a mean boss are you working for that would force you to panic that much?  Because if your boss isn’t God or the Devil himself and you do something like this, you are just too damn into your job.

2 Responses to “Sign #1 You Are Too Into Your Job”

  1. Wait, did he make the flight or not? It wasn’t specified in the report. She is totally fired.

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