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Fact or Fiction: The KKK Has A Headquarters

Hiding in plain sight. With a side of fries.

My dad sent me this article, about a black woman who was arrested for being black at a Wal Mart in Missouri (surprise, surprise), but the seriousness of the article is, of course, lost on me.  Out of all the thought provoking and rage inducing details of this woman’s ordeal, the info that jumps out at me is this:

The [NAACP] subsequently held a rally in Kennett. Before the June 13 event began, police officers found threatening letters the size of business cards scattered along the route that said the Ku Klux Klan had paid a visit and “the next visit will not be social.”…A call to the KKK headquarters was not answered.

The Ku Klux Klan has a headquarters?  Who the hell signed off on that zoning permit?  And how would you feel if you were on the construction team that signed on to build the damn thing?

You build this beautiful, architectural art piece, step back to soak in the fruits of your labor and all of the sudden a crane lifts up a front banner that reads “KKK Headquarters.”

Ahh hell naw.

And how arrogant is that sh–.  Building a f—in’ headquarters.  That’s like Osama Bin Laden building a dark fortress in whatever country he’s holding up in.  Should terrorist have a mailing address with a listed phone number?

There weren't any minorities in the Legion of Doom either. No comment on the gorilla.

I never thought I’d see this in real life.  Remember the Masters of Evil, sworn enemies of the Avengers and the Legion of Doom on Super Friends?  Even the Legion had the common sense to hide the Hall of Doom in an anonymous swamp.  What’s that?  KKK Headquarters is in Alabama?  Okay, nevermind.

But what does the Klan do at their headquarters?  Do they keep normal business hours or are they working around the clock thinking up different ways to screw up America?  What is a day in the life of a Klan employee like?

That should be a freaking reality show or at the very least a 20/20 special.  I’d watch that for an hour.  I would.  I have no reason to despise them anymore…we have a black president.  They are a joke.  They are the drunk uncle you hated as a kid because he played too rough, but now it’s just annoying or funny when he tries to pick on you because you’re bigger and stronger than he is.  Their power is certainly fading.  And maybe that’s why they have a headquarters.

8 Responses to “Fact or Fiction: The KKK Has A Headquarters”

  1. What? HQ? Really?

    Every organization is required to have an “equal opportunity’ in regards to hiring potential employees…how does the KKK headquarters get by with that? And the construction of it, what did they only hire white people? Is that legal?

    What’s it like, do they have an operations room or a strategy room? Conference room where they eat only the white powdered donuts and coffee with extra cream? No pepper in the kitchen, only salt?

    Give it a few years, these idiots are neanderthals and their subhuman intellects will phase out as they slowly find less and less people to reproduce with. I hope all their children marry a different ethnicity, and their grandchildren aren’t white.

  2. B, very good piece. As usual you always seem to use common sense to make people think “correctly”.

    But as much as I dispise the KKK (and other racist organizations), I am not surprised that they have a headquarters. I bet some are considered a “non-profit” and get tax breaks. The system is flawed, and as we all know someone will find the loop-hole and expoit it.


  3. Being white, always found it beyond ludicrous that grown men would dress in white sheets to protect their ID when they break the law. But all kidding aside, they are alive and well and the fact the law hasn’t acted (or FBI, since hate crime) is beyond me. They are nothing but scared bullies with no goal in life…….they make me sick. And at the risk of being red flagged by the government????? LOL, bunch of fools if they cannot break up this hate group that is a total disgrace to our country.

  4. I would like to speak to them any one know a way to do that?

  5. I would like to speak to them any one know a way to do that? Maryann, I was hit with a vehicle Nov. 2009, 6:30 PM, same day. Just I live in NC.

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