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Tom Cable is Innocent N.O.W.

t+cableBecause he has not been found guilty yet.

But you can’t tell the National Organization for Women (NOW) that.  I understand that he admitted to open hand smacking (yeah right) his ex-wife, but he has a point when he says that it was 20 years ago.  You cannot bury a man because of things he did 20 years ago.  If you could, we’d all be screwed.

Would you fire the assistant manager at a convenient store because he thought it was fun to shoplift as a teenager?  Would you impeach a President because he smoked a little weed decades ago?  People change.

I’m not saying coach Cable has changed, but I’m saying that based on the facts we know, he’s not guilty of anything just yet.

“The Oakland Raiders, properly, say they are undergoing a ‘serious evaluation’ of these recent allegations,” O’Neill wrote in the e-mail. “At the very least he should be suspended during this process. … A man who has admitted battering his wife has no business being a role model for all of us who would like to be able to look up to the head coach of an NFL football team.”


You want him suspended for a mistake he made as a young man?  Who is he Chris Brown?  Let’s just say for arguments sake that it turns out this “intimate” partner is lying.  Sure you can give him back his pay, but you can’t give a man back his time.  I must have slept through the report that America changed our policy to, “now your guilty until we sort things out.”

And I’m no Raiders fan.  I’m still pissed they beat my beloved Eagles this year.  But you ladies from NOW need to start living in the now, and not the future.  Or the past.  And I think you know that, considering that you mention you’ve been victims of domestic violence in the past, which just may have something to do with your blanket assumption that any person claiming to be a victim must be telling the truth because they have more to lose than to gain.  I buy that, but please understand that people can be really devious when they want to.  Some people have no problem going to hell in a hand basket as long as it’s hooked to the ankle of person they despise.

Again, I’m not excusing coach Cable.  He’s a jerk.  We know that.  I’d like to see him take a swing at his 260 pound QB JaMarcus Russell like he does women and his smaller assistants.  F—in’ punk.

But justice is going to prevail, you are going to get yours when all the shoes drop.  Just be patient.  Don’t jump the gun.  It sets a bad precedent and it actually hurts more future victims then it helps.  Big picture, you want this to go by the book.

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