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Nicole Kidman is a Good Family Woman

Sometimes celebrities talk too much, but not Nicole.  I read today that she actually understands what privacy is, and not just when it protects her own secrets.  In an interview with the London Daily Mail, she opts not to talk about the reason behind her divorce to Tom Cruise.  What a classy move.

“I burnt most of my journals after I remarried … You’re only going to find out bad things.  I want to honor that marriage for what it was, and there is nothing I would go into about that,” explains Kidman, 42, who has two children with her ex-hubby: Bella, 15, and Connor, 13. “I have never discussed the intricacies of it and I never will … I will go to my grave with all my secrets, all my stories.”

I always say, if you are quick to slam women when they act trifflin’, you have to give them their due when they demonstrate character.  But that being said, you kind of have to wonder what the reasons are.  Or you can leave it up to someone like me to speculate.  Fortunately, I don’t always have the character of Nicole.

A lot of people think that Tom is gay and she’s trying to cover up that that’s why they divorced.  I don’t buy that.  It seems too easy.  And why does everyone want Tom to be gay?  Whenever a man calls a good-looking man gay, you have to look at the source.  It’s about jealousy.  I guarantee you that you will not hear an attractive, successful, even tempered male call anyone gay without an admission of (for lack of a better word) guilt first.  Why?  Because they are too busy to care and do not need the “competition” degraded.

And any woman that calls Tom Cruise gay has dreamt about sleeping with him and realized it’s not going to happen.

So did one of them cheat on the other?  Not likely.  No one can be that civil after being cheated one.  Except Vanessa Bryant.  But for $4 million I’d have forgave him too.  Okay maybe I wouldn’t.  But that’s my point.

Could it have been his Scientology beliefs?  I really wish people would get over that.  If your God walked on water, or has 72 virgins waiting for you, or has a bunch of relatives with different superpowers you really aren’t in a position to talk about the “unbelievable.”  It’s about faith and it’s all the same thing anyway.  And if you don’t even believe in God, well then no one really cares what you think on this subject.

No I don’t think it’s any of that conventional stuff.  If she’s hiding anything, this is what it is:

Tom is a murderer.

It would explain everything.  Why else would you go from a flashy, stylish, short little model-esqe man to a cowboy?  It was for protection!  I know you saw the Matt Lauer interview, Tom sure looked like he was fantasizing about all the nasty things he’d do to Matt if they were alone in an alley (violent things man, don’t be crude).  And then there was the whole Oprah’s couch thing which showed he can lose it at any moment.  Tom is definitely a murderer.

Well, it’s the best story I can come up with.

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