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The Cleveland Show Racist? Shocking!

This has nothing to do with that fact that the toddler on the show just happens to be the pimp to Stewie’s evil.  This isn’t about Cleveland picking up the pieces in a home ruined by a baby-daddy.  I could care less that the teenage daughter is one “oops” away from preggo-ville.  Or that Cleveland threatens to beat other people’s children.

All that is funny and true.  No beef there.

The reason I think the Cleveland Show is racist is because they seem to get all the throw-a-way jokes from Family Guy.  Are black characters not good enough to be treated to fresh new thought-provoking angles?

Don’t just toss us table scrap gags after the Family Guy writers pick all the meat off the bone.  Every joke on that show feels like Peter should be saying it, but the producers were like, “We can’t fit it in, just throw it in Cleveland’s bit pile.  We’ll blacken it up later.”

The Cleveland Show is the chitlins to the Family Guy’s honey glazed ham.  Do we not deserve a honey glazed ham?

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