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How Do You Like Your Action Movie: Great Acting or Great Action?

Book of Eli Behind The Scenes

In real life, this fight would end differently.

Would you rather have a great actor fake fighting in a movie or a great fighter fake acting in a movie?

I thought about this because I saw the preview for Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington.  I love Denzel.  But not enough to buy him as an action star.  Not a Jackie-Chan-action-star anyway.  I mean, in Bad Boys, did you see Will Smith mimicking Bruce Lee?  No, that’s not his thing.  Oh he will beat a villain into the ground, just not with a roundhouse.  It would look weird (and probably hurt him more than the bad guy).

It didn’t look good in the Dark Knight either.  Sure Christian Bale played a good Batman (though he could’ve used a cough drop) but if you noticed…all his fight scenes were not exactly Batman-esque.  Either they pulled in so tight you couldn’t see what was going on, or his moves were so rigid and stiff he looked like a marching band major.  Batman is fluid.

So I ask you, do you want to watch a kick ass Jason Statham, Jet Li, Van Damme type of movie and give up hope that you’re watching Shakespeare? or do you want an academy award winning performance and give up hope that this guy could actually kick ass?

This is a no brainier for me, give me true action any day of the week.  Impress me with your moves not your mouth (don’t do it…too easy).  Jackie Chan was making badass film long before he could speak english…and no one cared.  Remember, you can teach a fighter how to act, but you can’t teach an actor how to fight.

One Response to “How Do You Like Your Action Movie: Great Acting or Great Action?”

  1. […] I’m not completely sold on the idea of Denzel Washington as an unstoppable killing machine here, but I’m not sure convinced this character is going to be more badass than Alonzo in Training […]

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