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McNabb vs. Limbaugh Pt. II

Mc 5 stay alive while Rush can eat dust.

Mc 5 stay alive while Rush can eat dust.

What’s the over/under on how long it’ll take the NFL to put St. Louis on the Eagles schedule if Rush Limbaugh is allowed to buy Rams?  Next year?  Week 5 perhaps?  Sunday or Monday night football?  The only thing more awesome than that would be if Rush actually decided to line up on the defensive side of the ball and take a shot at McNabb.  Wouldn’t you like to see Rush get the stiff-arm of all stiff-arms?

You have to wonder if McNabb even remembers Rush’s asinine comments from years ago.  No you don’t, I’m sure he does.  And I’m also sure a little piece of him has always wanted to get a big piece of Limbaugh, he’s just too much of a class act to ring Rush’s non-existent neck.  But wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity?

Actually no, the Ram already suck, the Eagles are already better.  No satisfaction is kicking a man while he’s down.

No.  The better plot line would be the Eagles foolishly electing to ride with Kolb and Vick as the first duel Quarterback system (I mean, Andy is obviously jealous he didn’t invent the wildcat), which would leave McNabb team-less.  Then Limbaugh, realizing the error of his comments, would sign the true winner warrior that is Donavan McNabb and be forced to rely on a Black man to lead his franchise.  Not a guy who just runs around with the ball like a chicken with it’s head cut off at the coaches command.  Not a violent gorilla-like killer linebacker who stomps offenses to the ground.  Not a loud-mouth diva-like receiver.  No.  He’d have to rely on a cultured, classy, intelligent, experienced black field general to lead his organization to victory and prosperity.

Nah, lemme stop dreaming.  It’s obvious Limbaugh isn’t ready to believe in that kind of leadership.

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