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I Wish The Media Would Stop Giving Out Wedgies

HA-HA, gotcha again!

HA-HA, gotcha again!

Boy, be careful out there if you are a celebrity…wait correction, be careful out there if you are a hated celebrity.  When did it become okay for repressed nobodies with media platforms to stick there big a– “almighty” noses in the air, waging their sinful little fingers at celebrities caught up in trivial bulls—, just because the culprit is “annoying” to them or a bad actor/artist.

And when did it become okay to sweep serious news under the rug because the person is an Oscar winning, oh-so-cute-and-wholesome or directed Chinatown.

Today I read that the media is dog piling on Kanye West because he whined about not receiving a meal at benefit concert.

Oh god forbid the man ask to eat.  God forbid he ask to be fed by a venue he’s preforming at for FREE, when everyone else is being fed.  What a monster.

I mean, how rude is that?  Would you invite someone over to your house, and bust-a-grub in front of them while they just sit and watch you chew.  And then would you have the nerve to say they were out of line to ask for a piece?  I understand Kanye can be an a–hole (God bless you Taylor Swift and Beyonce) but not this time.  But you won’t hear that from all the Reporter impersonators.

Will the real Journalists please stand up?  This isn’t high school.  But you know what?  Even high schoolers know that all news is worth spreading indiscriminately.  It doesn’t matter if their best friend caught a VD from a sock puppet, the entire school is going to know about it the next minute.  So I guess our media is worse then high school.  The “press” likes to talk s— about just those they “hate” and protect those they “adore.”

Remember these guys?  The ones who reported the facts without judging.

Remember these guys? The ones who reported the facts without judging.

This ain’t high school though, this is real life.  You don’t get to play favorites, you don’t get to be the hero.  You don’t get to support the people champs and bag on the popular villain just because you want to be cool.

You write for a living.  No one thinks you’re cool anyway.

You’ve got to call a spade a spade.  You can’t just turn a spade into a diamond because you like the way it shines, and you can’t club a heart just because you don’t like it’s attitude.

Oh P.S. – Why’d they have to make it a point to mention that he asked for chicken?  You didn’t think we were going to let that slide did you?  Did it matter what he asked for?  Why is everyone sitting here talking about a black man getting belligerent over chicken?  Don’t think we’re not on to you media.

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